Find and compare outdoor and sports foods

Outdoor Food Club Helps You Find Foods For Your Adventures

Not all outdoor foods and sport supplements are equal, using the food discovery tool and other features you can find the best foods for your specific needs and even share them with friends.

Outdoor food club is a growing directory of sports supplements and outdoor foods that you can filter through, sort through and find foods objectively based on nutritional data.

Imagine being able to compare the nutrition label (as well as other data we create from that) in one place, well, here you can.

Start With The Food Discovery Tool

The best outdoor foods and sport supplements for you and your needs are just a few clicks away. You can filter through thousands of outdoor food items and sort them by what you require in a food.

If you want a chocolate, vegan, protein bar which has the most protein, you can find that.

Or for those ultra runners and ultralight backpackers, a snack which has the most calories per gram.

The Food discovery tool can answer these specific food requirements and thousands of others.

outdoorfood club food discovery screenshot tool