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Soy based food products are all around us, especially in protein bars and sports foods. They are a high source of protein, offering up to 36g of protein per 100g.

Even though it's a source of protein, in this article we look at all the different protein bars which are either certified soy free or do not use soy as a protein source.

We have used the supplement discovery tool to find all the soy free protein bars from the entire database and shown them below so that you get an idea of what options you have.

You have a few options when it comes to soy free and those that don't use soy as a main protein source and we hope this article can help you discover new favorites.


Our Top Picks For High Protein Soy Free Protein Bars

A couple of our top picks when it comes to soy free protein bars.

Certified Soy Free Protein Bars

If you're looking for certified soy free protein bars, take a look at this growing list here. Every bar you will find in this list is certified soy free by the manufacturer of the protein bar and is stated on their packaging or website, so uses no soy in it's ingredients and the manufacturer claims it to be free of soy.

Some of the manufacturers and protein bar brands to look out for which claim to be soy free are:

  • No Cow soy free protein bars
  • Rise Bar soy free protein bars
  • Garden of Life soy free protein bars
  • Pulsin soy free protein bars
  • ThinkThin soy free protein bars
  • Go Raw soy free protein bars
  • Square Organics soy free protein bars
  • Papa Steve's soy free protein bars
  • REDD soy free protein bars
  • Munk Pack soy free protein bars
  • Enjoy Life soy free protein bites

So if you're looking for a soy free protein bar you have plenty of brands and manufacturers catering for your dietary requirements.

You will find that there are around 30 protein bar choices for you with more being added every week to the database, so make sure to check back as this list will automatically get updated as new food items are added to the site and will auto populate here.

We have also sorted the list by those with the most protein in the far right column and not the protein serving as this is an unfair comparison. Now it's just up to you to find the protein bar flavor you best enjoy and a brand and texture that works well with your requirements.

We have double checked through all manufacturer packaging and websites that they mention that each protein bar is soy free but please check yourself before purchasing.

If you aren't allergic to soy products but still want to stay clear of this ingredient, check below for more options.

Protein Not From Soy Lecithin

In this list, we have protein bars which do not use soy as a protein source. But they are not certified soy free like the list above. We have simply filtered out the database of protein bars (over 200) and are showing protein bars which don't use soy as a protein source.

This is for people who are looking to avoid soy but may not be allergic to it. If you do have an allergen and problem with soy, stay away from these protein bars. If you're looking to just avoid it out of personal choice, these are for you.

You will find many more options in this list and many different types of protein source, such as:

  • whey protein
  • almond protein
  • milk protein
  • brown rice protein
  • pea protein
  • wheat protein
  • chicken protein
  • cashew protein
  • sunflower seed
  • peanut protein
  • and many more!

Just scroll through the options with the mini-page beneath the table to find a protein bar that would best suit your requirements.

You will find that they all the non-soy protein bars are sorted by their protein per gram density and those at the top of the list will have the biggest protein amount which doesn't use soy.