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Buy Category Diet Weight Fiber Sugar Sodium Calories Protein
Trek Cocoa Chaos Protein Bar energy bars, flapjack gluten free, vegan, vegetarian 55grams 4.00grams 23.00grams 300.00mg 186calories 10grams
Tent Meals Italian Inspired Main Meal - 800 kcal packaged meals vegan, vegetarian 198grams 13.00grams 12.20grams 960.00mg 800calories 29grams
Snickers Bar chocolate bar vegetarian 53grams 1.00grams 27.00grams 120.00mg 250calories 4grams
Rrunn Ultra Butter Energy Gel energy gels, nut butter gluten free, vegan, vegetarian 32grams 2.00grams 7.00grams 30.00mg 200calories 5grams
Performance Nut Butter Pouch energy gels, nut butter keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian 30grams 3.00grams 1.00grams 200.00mg 200calories 3grams
Mehret Organic Vegan Energy Bar energy bars vegan, vegetarian 56grams 6.00grams 12.00grams 100.00mg 290calories 8grams
Kirkland Signature Trail Mix trail mix vegetarian 30grams 1.00grams 9.00grams 40.00mg 160calories 5grams
Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt energy bars gluten free, vegetarian 40grams 7.00grams 5.00grams 140.00mg 200calories 6grams
Happy Belly Nuts Chocolate and Dried Fruit Trail Mix trail mix vegetarian 35grams 2.00grams 12.00grams 75.00mg 170calories 5grams
Happy Belly Deluxe Mixed Nuts nuts vegan, vegetarian 30grams 2.00grams 1.00grams 105.00mg 170calories 5grams
FBomb Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter nut butter gluten free, keto, paleo, vegetarian 29grams 3.00grams 2.00grams 30.00mg 210calories 2grams
Clif Mountain Mix Mojo Bar energy bars, protein bars vegetarian 45grams 2.00grams 12.00grams 200.00mg 190calories 8grams
Clif Builders Bar Cinnamon Nut Swirl Protein Bar energy bars, protein bars vegan, vegetarian, dairy free 68grams 1.00grams 22.00grams 220.00mg 270calories 20grams
BumbleBar Mixed Nut Medley Energy Bar energy bars, seed bar gluten free, vegan, vegetarian 40grams 4.00grams 9.00grams 60.00mg 200calories 5grams
Amazon Wickedly Prime Banana Nut Bar energy bars, nut bar vegetarian 40grams 1.00grams 11.00grams 30.00mg 180calories 4grams
Alpineaire Mango Fire Trail Mix trail mix vegan, vegetarian, dairy free 56grams 4.00grams 20.00grams 100.00mg 280calories 6grams